When you work with us you get:

  • Summaries that allow you to quickly locate details of injuries and treatment.
  • An analysis of records that highlights the case strengths and weaknesses so you are not surprised.
  • A case chronology that highlights significant events, facts, and issues with page references and links to important documents.

Quit drowning in paperwork. Let a Juris LNC help you tame the clutter.

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  • Medical record organization to make review easier and more efficient for you, your staff, and your medical experts
  • Case Screening for merit – avoid taking a case when the facts don’t add up
  • Identification of pre-existing medical conditions and how they affect the case
  • Clarification of the extent and severity of injury
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  • Deposition transcript analysis. Extraction of medical facts from the testimony of key witnesses
  • Medical chronology and medical summary to guide case analysis
  • Case-specific medical literature research
  • Standards of care
  • Healthcare facility policies and procedures
  • Regulatory standards
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Trial Support

  • Witness preparation
  • Exhibits and demonstratives
  • Coordinate with medical illustrators in the preparation of exhibits
  • Identify and screen medical experts
  • Pain and suffering reports for the plaintiff attorney. We provide an objective interpretation of voluminous records that is helpful in settlement negotiations, depositions, and trial.

Types Of Cases We Work On

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Products Liability

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Personal Injury

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Medical Malpractice

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Workers' Compensation

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